Little Saudia Park

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about Little Saudia Park


To be a pioneer in entertainment industry within Saudi Arabia and through out the world.


Offering the culture & the heritage of the region using unique and special entertainment products for locals and abroad visitors.

Little Saudia Park

A minimized geographical structure of Saudi Arabia showing topography and cities, so that the visitor can travel between its destinations through roads similar to the actual main roads between cities.

In each city and village, cultural monuments are presented with simulated geographical representation where craft and food products are also provided by each region according to its heritage.  Also, historical entertainment events for each region will be conducted throughout the year.

The Little Saudia Park will be the main gateway to local and abroad tourism, where tourism packages are presented to visit the actual landmark of any region in Saudi Arabia.

The presence of the nearby hills will be locations for entertainment views over the park where everyone can enjoy the view day and night

Entertainment Products

1. Park

A park that simulates the Arab Peninsula on a scale of 1 square kilometer per 431,000 square kilometers (1:431K).

2. cultural events
Organizing cultural entertainment events (including local performance and cultural theatre or/and cinema).
3. restaurants
Restaurants serving various beverages, popular foods and other international cuisines.
4. shops
Shops offer popular craft products and other commercial products.
5. Desert safari
Desert safari
(inside and outside the park).
6. Overnight services
Overnight services in various coastal areas within the park.
7. Gardens
Gardens and green spaces for hiking at al-Ahsa, Qassim and the southern region.
8. Coffee shops
Coffeeshops that operates 24-hour on top of each hill.

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